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High Hopes Retreat Centre is in Greyton, a mere hour and twenty minutes from CT International Airport. 

We are a healthy, fresh, homely, small, country-air retreat.  

We offer individual wellness retreats. 


The most frequent feedback from previous High Hopes retreatants is that you cannot place a price on the value received from attending a High Hopes Retreat.  

That they are life changing. The majority of high hopes retreatants return within a year, if not within three months, for a second and third retreat.


See our retreat menu below for the detailed programmes of our small range of retreats.

Choose from one of our core programmes.


Programmes include the Basic Health Balancing Retreat, the Intensive Personal Journey, the Detox and/or Weight Loss, and the Adrenal Burnout Retreat. We have also added a Trauma Release retreat, which in the past two years has been our most frequently booked programme. 


Established 19 years ago, High Hopes has been delivering effective holistic healing retreats to individuals from across the globe. High Hopes retreats tackle transformation through the combination of nutrition, nature, grounding, mindfulness coaching, inner mastery, stress reduction, yoga, pilates, trauma release, TRE, massage, nature immersion, aromatherapy, somatic therapies, creative expression, energy balancing, kinesiology, embodied movement, truth inquiry and creative practices.

We listen to you. We encourage you to understand yourself with compassion. We nurture you each step of the way. We help you to bring yourself into nature and to breathe. We offer professional support that helps you to connect with yourself in body, mind and spirit.

We take you walking in incredible landscapes in the foothills of picture-book mountains. Our experienced movement teachers help you to befriend and re-engage your body in gentle or more vigorous yoga and breathwork classes. 

We serve you delicious and healthy plant-based meals. We teach you to earth. We walk with you among the exquisite fynbos, and in the warmer months, in the river.

Come down to the river. Breathe.  Paint and/or journal. Swim under a waterfall. Float in a mountain pool. Rest on a massage table. Allow our professional therapists to guide you through your life’s story and vision a future. Come back into your authentic self. Integrate your past. Embrace your now. Create your future. 

Our professional Wellness Retreats are designed for inner mastery and leadership. Because the outer game depends on the inner game. 

High Hopes Retreats lead you to face, embrace and transform change-resistant parts of yourself and your life or work that you desire to change, and that your healing calls for.

All retreats come with the option to book follow-up weekly sessions for support.

Magical garden-entrance rooms

Professional therapists



Trauma Release



Mindfulness-Based-Stress Reduction


Mountain Walks


Wild Swimming


Change Management

Emotional Intelligence Training

Fatigue Recovery

Loving Kindness Meditation

Read about our four core programmes below.

Click on the name of programme for detail and cost.

Combination programmes available on request.

Write to us at to book your retreat today

activate your wellness journey

shape your future

Individual Retreats

To book yourself a Wellness Retreat, anything from 3 days to 4 weeks, choose from one of the core programmes below,
or write to for a combination programme or even your own custom-built programme.

the basic health balancing retreat

Minimum 3 day booking – This is a wonderful retreat experience for those seeking an R&R (rest and relaxation) holiday which has the edge of health benefits and is in a beautiful nature setting.

the intensive personal journey

Minimum 5 day booking – This retreat is ideal if you have come through a loss or trauma, are seeking personal growth, or are facing a personal crisis of any kind. This programme supports and nurtures you offering emotional and spiritual nourishment and insight

adrenal burnout retreat

There are a number of factors which can lead to adrenal fatigue or burnout. The High Hopes Adrenal Repair programme first identifies the cause, be it lifestyle, a virus or stress, and then personalises your daily programme accordingly to heal what is behind your ongoing exhaustion. Please note that some fatigue is driven by trauma. Our lead therapist will give you a questionnaire to complete to help you to identify whether you need a trauma release programme in combination with the adrenal repair programme. Help is on its way.

detox and weight loss retreat

This is a no-nonsense programme taking away all addictions, including tech, and giving your metabolic system a reboot while feeding your cell mitochondria for a nutritional make-over.

trauma release retreat

combination retreats

individual solo retreat