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We are blessed to have received many glowing comments from guests who have felt rejuvenated and renewed after their stay at High Hopes. Here are a few featured comments, with many more in our Guest Book.

I returned from High Hopes feeling like a million dollars. It was such a wonderful experience, and I cannot even begin to describe what a difference my stay with you and my interactions with you and the team meant. It was just indescribably special. Thank you for a wonderful, restorative, healing experience. Sending you so much love.

emeritus professor dr lynette denny, obstetrics & gynaecology uct, attended adrenal burnout-trauma release retreat – may 2024

An amazing and very special time at HIgh Hopes. Feeling cherished, loved, and leaving this beautiful place with a full heart.

lee oates, attended intensive personal journey retreat – april 2024

This has been a life-changing experience. Thank you so much to the High Hopes team for taking the time to help people heal. All my love XX

aamina maleta, attended trauma release retreat – january 2024

What an incredible experience. So grateful and looking forward to coming back.

dominique varenzakis , attended trauma release retreat –  january 2024


candice erasmus, attended combination retreat – december 2023

Because two minds are more powerful than one, we get better results when we team up with awesome people!!!

christos costa gougounis, attended trauma release retreat – july 2023

The perfect place to re-set with a team that works cohesively. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

caroline crous, attended intensive personal journey retreat – july 2023

Wow. This little slice of heaven has been nourishing and enchanting and so much of EVERYTHING that I needed. Ange, you are deeply skillful. I have felt safe and held every step of this journey.  You have such a breadth of knowledge and always had just the right thing at the right time to offer me to support my unfurling. It was a great honour and inspiration to bear witness to a woman living boldly in her power and her faith.  I am certainly taking that energy back with me as inspiration. To the furry ones and the nature spirits – my heart thanks you. Until the next time.

deryn bolton, attended combination adrenal burnout & trauma release retreat – april 2023

Fabulous experience just what I needed. Learnt a lot. Ange and her team do a great job of making you welcome. Very tasty healthy food and a loverly peaceful setting.

ed guyton, attended detox retreat – december 2022

It’s my 2nd time. A wonderful experience 👍👍👍

glen christopulo, attended combination programme retreat – november 2022

Very good one on one attention.
Great experience in wonderful surroundings and hospitality.

sinclair collect, attended detox retreat – october 2022

Staying at High Hopes was a life-changing experience. My mind, soul and body was nourished by Ange, Sharon and the many practitioners who helped me reconnect with myself. The property itself is the perfect place in which to unwind and breathe properly again – there are so many quiet nooks to soak up the sun and relax in nature; I felt like I was in The Secret Garden.

emma follett-botha, attended intensive personal journey retreat – september 2022

Such an incredible space to learn, heal and celebrate life.
I learnt so much about my history and the patterns that were created from it.
I was lead gently and with great knowledge and understanding.
It was amazing and can not wait for my next retreat.

georgia eccles, attended trauma release retreat – august 2022

Thank you so much for this beautiful retreat.

My gratitude for what you do at High Hopes will be with me for a long long time!

I will get in touch with you again, until then. Keep well and again thank you from my whole heart and soul.

stefna ogle, attended intensive personal journey programme – june 2022

I felt safe at all times, allowing myself to become vulnerable to healing in body, mind and spirit. Ange’s treatments are well recognized in the field of complementary medicine and are scientifically sound. Add to this her background in psychology, kinesiology, Reiki and many other complementary medicine fields; as well as a deep inner strength as a natural healer.

dr michelle emett, attended adrenal burnout retreat – july-august 2019

“High Hopes and the Angels that dwell within will always feel like a coming home for me. ”

bobby stewart, v&a waterfront, executive manager: strategic relations & hr, attended two adrenal burnout retreats- june-aug 2019

I feel like a wondrous child again, a truly amazing experience. THANK YOU

julie seccombe, age 42, accountant, Johannesburg, attended basic health balancing retreat- may 2019

“I feel we have done well. I believe that even though the grieving is still going to be a journey, thanks to the team at High Hopes I feel lighter, I know where to go from here. The stuck position I thought I was in, and the overwhelming grief, now I feel I can handle .”

Thomas Mpho, age 39, company director, attended intensive personal journey retreat- april 2019

It was probably the best gift my parents could’ve ever given me. The week we spent at High Hopes was indeed a life-changing experience and I sincerely hope that I can continue to implement the valuable tools I’ve learned in my time there.

tessa loftus, physiotherapist, private practice 12 dorp st, stellenbosch, attended adrenal repair retreat – may 2014

“I lost 4.5 kilograms in my first week, and another 4 in my second week. I am so grateful I was led to choose this retreat!”

emmanuel kapera, age 34, tanzania, corporate senior consultant, attended weight loss & detox retreat – december 2018

I was a completely different person once my retreat was complete. I had the tools and support necessary to go back into the noise of life outside of Greyton with confidence and the belief that I had choices (and the ability to make them!) that would allow me to live a happy, fulfilling life, free of the troubles that had bound me.

anna nation, head of hr Barclays, london, attended grief and trauma recovery retreat – february 2012 AND 2015

“No need to tell you how special High Hopes is. Thank you again so much you special people. The retreat was life changing for me. Since my retreat last year I have been through a HUGE change for the good. I was so uptight, tense all the time, not sleeping – And now my staff think I am different person”

henning de bruin, art collector and guest house owner, bloemfontein, attended adrenal repair retreat – april 2016 AND 2020