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About High Hopes

We want to create a community where everyone can come together and grow. A community of like minded individuals to support each other in their journeys through meditation and mindfulness. 

High Hopes established itself as a retreat centre 14 years ago. It is one of the world’s only small, highly personalised retreat centres, known for the quality of its deeply transformational programmes. With only five, private entrance garden rooms, set in the exquisite mountain village of Greyton, only an hour and a half from Cape Town, High Hopes is easy to find, easy to reach and worth the journey. High Hopes celebrates you, the life lessons you bring with you and your birth-right to heal, transform and emerge fully into an authentic life of love and light.

Our vision at High Hopes is to provide a welcoming and supportive space, set in the beauty of pure nature with the intention to guide you on your unique journey to personal freedom and wellness.

We offer four primary programmes for you to choose from. All of our programmes include mind-body-spirit balancing aspects, but each programme takes a specific focus to meet the needs we have observed in people over the past 15 years:

  • the need for pure and simple rest and support (the Basic Health Balancing Retreat)

  • the need to recover from the modern-day syndromes of adrenal burnout or fatigue from other causes (Adrenal/Fatigue Repair Retreat)

  • the need to detoxify the system / trim down (Weight Loss / Detox Retreat)

  • the need to address painful and challenging life issues that are rooted in past experiences and false belief systems that create mental and emotional unease (Intensive Personal Journey Retreat)

The Intensive Personal Journey Retreat programme was developed using current health and wellness research, meditation and energy medicine alongside ancient and modern spiritual teachings. All of the programmes include massage, energy-healing, nutrition, guided mountain walks, detox juicing, mindfulness training and yoga practice. There is a small menu of wonderful additional offerings on site while on retreat, from personal and business coaching with a master-certified coach, to kinesiology and counselling consultations, to astrology charts.

You are given a welcome tea on arrival at the retreat, followed by a session in which your health and nutritional needs are kinesiology-tested for you by retreat founder, Ange Craig (counselling psychologist and kinesiologist). Substantial veggie juices and incredibly nourishing, delicious meals are prepared by co-founder Sharon Peddie during your retreat, and cooked according to your personal ingredients list of top most healing foods. This list is compiled by Ange during your intake session. From intake you are handed into the caring hands of our professional team and held throughout your programme and journey at High Hopes.