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 “Sometimes we find places that are filled with love, wisdom and healing. They are rare. This is one of them.” Craig O’Flaherty, Director, UCT Graduate School of Business Coaching Centre, CAPE TOWN, August 2018

“Words cannot describe how wonderful my time has been here, I will be back again soon.”

Joey Kennaway, Kenyaways Beach Bed and Breakfast, KENYA, April 2018
“I’ve never been to a retreat before. I certainly didn’t know i would embrace a new family. Thank you all so much.” Katie Barry, U-Cook, CAPE TOWN, July 2018

“No need to tell you how special High Hopes is. Thank you again so much you special people.” Sullivan and Mary-Anne O’Carroll, ST JAMES, December 2017

“The retreat was life changing for me. Since my retreat last year I have been through a HUGE change for the good I was so uptight, tense all the time, not sleeping. And my staff think I am different person” Henning de Bruin, Art Collector and Guest House Owner, BLOEMFONTEIN, April 2016

It was probably the best gift my parents could’ve ever given me. The week we spent at High Hopes was indeed a life-changing experience and I sincerely hope that I can continue to implement the valuable tools I’ve learned in my time there. I think I  will.

In terms of rest and relaxation, there is ample time and space to do this. The setting and privacy is perfect. I really enjoyed the ease at which you and Sharon share your home, so that it felt like we were home away from home, and not just limited to our rooms in between treatments/meals/activities.   In terms of activities, there were so many fun things lined up, from yoga, to hiking, to cycling, swimming in the dam, etc that left me feeling like I’d had a real holiday. Bev is an excellent yoga teacher, I really enjoyed her classes.

In terms of treatments, I really enjoyed the Reiki, and found the Kinesiology sessions very helpful and I found Lisa’s reflexology excellent and her massage very relaxing. I especially enjoyed the focus on meditation throughout the week. Practising it regularly makes it easier to implement back in the real world.

The food was out of this world. Thanks Shari. I wish I had written down some of the recipes of the meals she made for us because I’ve tried to remake some of them, but never manage to get it to come out the same…time for that book!?

In terms of the detox week, I really enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t torturous. The individualized programme makes the whole experience quite pleasant. I think we were really fortunate with a really super group of people. It was just the right number and balance of personalities that made the whole week a happy and most memorable one.

Money very well spent!

Thanks again for everything.

– Tessa Loftus, Physiotherapist, STELLENBOSCH

I came to Greyton at a point in my life where I could not see a way forward.  I was struggling with all aspects of my life and was in a dark place. I did not know how to unblock the hurt, pain and negativity I was holding on to.

I spent two weeks in the nurturing care of Ange and Sharon at the High Hopes retreat. My programme was tailored for me, and was flexible depending on what I felt I could manage in a day. I was given both space and company in a way that allowed me to reflect when needed and to be with warm, compassionate, fun people when I needed that too. The retreat is set in a place of beauty and ethereal energy.

Some days were hard as I worked through my issues and the truth of what had me ‘stuck’. Overall, the time allowed me to heal and let go of mis-held beliefs that were keeping me trapped in a life I didn’t want. I was a completely different person once my retreat was complete. I had the tools and support necessary to go back into the noise of life outside of Greyton with confidence and the belief that I had choices (and the ability to make them!) that would allow me to live a happy, fulfilling life, free of the troubles that had bound me.

I look back on my retreat with love, gratitude and wonderment. Ange, Sharon and the extended High Hopes team were patient and kind. They helped me love life again. I have been telling everyone I met about my amazing experience and would recommend a retreat at High Hopes to anyone. I plan to be a regular visitor to Greyton.

Anna Nation, head of HR Barclays, London

Firstly a very special thank you to both you and Sharon for making my week last week so incredibly special. People say I even look different – a lot more serene so clearly the fresh air and all your love and care really did help!

I am not sure I expected to uncover what we did uncover and it is indeed taking some time to all process. Thank you for your kindness and gentle ways in which you helped me out. I love your approach and you are so incredibly well read and full of so much information I know that probably half of what you told me maybe fell by the wayside but the bits I did get were so wise and nurturing. Thank you.

I hope that all at High Hopes are doing really well and I promise to get back to you just as soon as I have processed a bit and done my “homework” that you have sent.

Please tell Sharron she has completely inspired me to be more adventurous with what I have for meals and for that I really thank her – she is a brilliant cook. — Catherine Passmore, Academic Scholarship Programme Director

High Hopes is a healing centre as well as a B&B that offers everything from Kinesiology, Reiki, Massages, Yoga, Horse Riding etc. I was there for 5 nights on a full retreat and set schedule and I can most certainly confirm that the retreat was the best money I have ever invested in myself after being diagnosed with severe burnout. The retreat is personalized according to each individual which really makes a huge difference as well.

The owners are warm loving people that open their home and B&B so you don’t just feel like you are stuck in a “hotel room” its really more of a home away from a home. They love animals so they are all over and bring a warmth to the experience. Thank you Angela and Sharon for making a difference in my life!

Carla Larsen, Hotel HR Manager

Thank you both for the food, the friendliness and the recovery – all first class!— Phil & Rob, London, UK, November 2010

Absolutely fabulous – the room, the house, the delicious breakfast and the phenomenal massage! Thank you!
Paula Haddock and Sean Barton, Oxford, UK, November 2010

The BEST, BEST, BEST four days that I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you!!!— C. Whiley, Cape Town, October 2010

High Hopes is an oasis of peace and tranquility that has been created with lots of love and care! Ange and Sharon, you can feel very proud of your place.  Thank you for an amazing time! — Lionel, Cape Town, October 2010

My experiences with Angela have all been positive:

  1. She has made me go to places that I would never have visited (after a lifetime of hurt) before.  It is easy to explore the way ahead with her;
  2. Angela gave HONESTY a whole new meaning.  I now explore my HONESTY at all times.  It hurts, but it feels better after a day or two;
  3. My health is improving and people are saying that I look so much better, which in turn makes me feel great;
  4. My family saw the change in me and are now slowly deciding to join me in going to Angela – I have now got four other members of the family with her;
  5. I love her direct approach.  At times it comes across as harsh, but it is always to my benefit.

Keep up the good work, Ange, I love you. — Bernice Holmes, December 2009

The power of the kinesiology that is practiced by Angela is the opportunity to shake loose your assumptions, to get totally honest with yourself and to take your personal development back to fundamentals.  The work is yours and if you are open to it then Angela will facilitate the process with such honesty and genuine high hope that you’ll never look back. — Alex Boyle, Greyton, March 2009

Kinesiology gets to source and root cause of issues and symptoms fast.  It takes on a holistic perspective of being human and working with ourselves.  It is an extremely useful way of opening up and finding one’s way back to natural balance. — Anita, Johannesburg, January 2009

lways a warm welcome at High Hopes from Ange and Sharon, the staff and sundry cats and dogs.  The energy is gentle and facilitates stepping out of the daily rush of ‘must-do’s,’ even in sleepy Greyton.  In my experience kinesiology has proved a reliable method of identifying deficiencies on the body at different times.  Ange’s ready stock of remedies enables one to start rectifying the situation immediately to good effect.  Having a regular session of kinesiology and massage certainly helps to keep body and soul in good form. — Janet Burtt, Greyton, June 2008

Angela once described herself as an interpreter.  Whether her messages are coming through the manipulation of the feet, discussion or delving into past experiences her success is based on how she handles the currents she is receiving.

She is a gentle, understanding, sympathetic person and she relaxes her patients easily and quickly.  Angela is a great de-stressor and never rushes her sessions and gives full and smiling attention.

My physical aches and pains were lessened and I felt much better but for me the biggest benefits were the thoughts that were planted by her – generally resulting in some self-analysis and the setting of new goals.  Her totally positive attitude certainly rubs off on those around her.
Brian Robinson, Cape Town, February 2008

My partner and I were going through a tough time and came to see Ange about our own personal blockages.  It shoed up a perfect mirror in terms of physiological manifestation and Ange’s work assisted us to work through that.  We also found her diagnostics with Flower Remedies to be very accurate. — Ashleig D., Cape Town, August 2007

thought you would like to hear that it appears that I have got rid of the parasite   I don’t dare say that it has definitely gone because I thought it had 34 years ago and was obviously wrong!  I have put on a little weight – about 3 kilos – which is an improvement because I was rather skinny and am told I now look human!

I just wanted to thank you for your brilliance because it has meant that I now not only look better but I feel much healthier.
Edwina Crichton-Brown, UK, April 2007

I had never experienced kinesiology until visiting High Hopes and Ange.  My kinesiology sessions have been invaluable in identifying allergies which had been affecting the quality of my life.  Discovering my allergies helped me control them and alleviate the symptoms. — Mia Antoni, Durban, September 2006

I’d like to thank you again for our session on Saturday, and for our stay.  I was totally blown away by your beautiful spot and the kinesiology session!  I gave blood today and for the first time in years my blood pressure was normal!!!  Just after taking the remedies since Saturday (I only got the Agnus Castus yesterday .  It seems too great a coincidence, so I must assume it’s the remedies you put together for me – thanks so much!

I have a friend who is having a number of health issues but who has no idea what is wrong because her blood tests come back normal.  I’m sure she’ll benefit enormously from a session. — Marilyn, Cape Town, August 2006

Kinesiology is amazing.  It’s like your body being a book waiting to be read by a ‘master.’  It is a form of medicine, that heals not only physical ailments but ones of the soul too.

Kinesiology with Ange always leaves me feeling revitalized and balanced as a person – I just wish I could do it more often!
Vari Osborne, West Coast, July 2006

You are an amazing person to connect with and just chat to too – thanks for everything! — Andrea, January 2006

Kinesiology helped me as it accurately seemed to pinpoint areas where I need more awareness in and made me think about it.
Lisa S., Greyton, November 2005

Hi Angela, I have loved working with you.  You are really gifted and I count my blessings that I met you. — Mary, Ireland, December 2005